About this Page

Relations between people have existed as long as there has been people. One's view of others is always shaped in a favorable, neutral, or distasteful light. This website aims to capture the nature of these relationships as they appear between countries. We are mostly focused on providing insight into moments when countries came together as friends and promised to support one another. Human history is complex and the societies built around different groups of people are sometimes very complex. When it comes to diplomacy over the course of a thousand years and the influence of countless cultures there will be differences. Italian diplomatic hierachry in 1300 is not the same as Post-WW1 diplomacy. This website does not claim to have all the answers and there will be gaps in information about certain things. The main goal of DiploWorld is to provide a foundation for further exploration. We want to show interesting and sometimes crazy moments of history in a quick and efficient manner. This means we have to keep things simple and not provide Wikipedia page definitions for everything said. Oftentimes this means we will have to leave out what some people may consider key facts. We apologize to those people.