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In 1986 Lemon-Monroe Schools wanted to create a special composite image to honor the 100th graduation class. Sometime after 1993 all of the picture composites were removed from the hallway walls and placed in storage under the old gym.

The Lemon-Monroe High School class of 1955 proposed digitizing these images to put on the monroelocalschools.com web site. Students in the Web Design I and II classes along with Mr. Burklow handled the conversion along with help from Craig Hesson at RCH Networks, Monroe, Ohio.

As of April, 2018 about 1800 images have been digitized and uploaded starting with the class of 1926 up through the class of 1950.

The MidPointe Library has didgitied all of the Lemon-Monroe High School and Monroe Local Schools yearbooks that were available. To view them CLICK HERE

You can search images by Firstname, Lastname or graduation year

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The steps we go through for each image
  • remove and clean the composite
  • shoot each image individually
  • import the images

  • Rotate the images as needed
  • name each file using the student files
  • crop each image
  • Some images are damaged. We use a photo editor to touch these images up
  • upload the images to

2020 Team Picture

  • Keaton Beattie
  • Robert Borneman
  • Dylan Dohm
  • Kayla Downard
  • Maddie Grace
  • Joseph Rivera
  • Austin Roe
  • Talia Wills


Web Design-II team for 2019

  • Hayley Gabbard
  • Tom Melone
  • Anthony Phelan
  • Sinthya Singh
  • Hayden Schoonover
  • Casey Kelly

Web Design-II team for 2018

  • Marissa King
  • Erin Clark
  • Donny Blevins
  • Ryan Cho
  • Tim Hatfield
  • CR Tanner
  • Bailey Silver
  • Hayley Gabbard
  • Dario Cruz
  • Taj Simmons
  • Matt Gray
  • Dillion Trimble