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Why are injuries important to know about in soccer? Injuries are important to know about in soccer, and in any sport. A lot of injuries in soccer are knee injuries, ankle injuries, and hamstring/quad injuries.
How do you prevent injuries? Injuries can be prevented simply by making sure in warm ups you are stretching properly. There are even things you can do to help stabilize your ACL and do everything you can to prevent that injury.
What do you do if you do have an injury? If you have an injury the very first thing you need to invest in is going to physical therapy. Going to a physical therapist they can help you quickly recover, recover properly, and help you get back to what you want to do as soon as possible.
What to do when first coming back to your sport. If you return from an injury, and you are cleared to at least do something, you should first start out with maybe going to a practice and just getting used to the feeling of walking on a field, court, etc; then you should maybe start slowly moving and you want to work yourself back into your sport but not too quickly.

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Home Links Dribbling Shooting Footskills Injuries