The world of D&D is vast for a game created 1974 by 2 men, but since then the game has experinced many different editions and different rule books behind them. Now the company Wizards of the Coast are the owners and main publishers for D&D with the most recent edition being 5th edition. And they have released quite a few different supplementary meterials for the game, many of them costing anywhere from $20 to $60. But these supplementary materials contain large amounts of new content, extra rules, new items, and new subclasses for the main classes of the game. And with the shear amount of them, it can be hard for new players, or even experienced Dungeon Masters, to keep track of all of them. So this site's purpose is to give a quick overview of all new subclasses, from playtesting material to those hidden behind paywalls, as well a quick over view of their abilities. However we will be ignoring the subclasses present in the Player's Handbook & the Dungeon Master's Guide.

*Note due to the Artificer class having been released so recently they have yet to be fully implemented to this site. The Mystic class has also not yet been fullyincluded as the base class in it's entirety is still in playtesting. All subclasses have yet to have a description due to time constraints.