Puma Future

The Puma Future was a new cleat making it's debut this year in 2018. The Puma Future was the first cleat to feature Puma's netfit technology. This technology allows you to customize the lacing system of your cleats to however you like them. Puma's main sponsored athelete for this cleat is Antoine Griezmann from France and Atletico Madrid. The Puma Future retails for $220.

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Puma One

The Puma One was also debuted this year. After Puma's sales were not as high as nike or adidas they replaced all their current models. The Puma One is another knitted cleat from Puma. There is a bit of a customization element to this cleat but not as much as the future. The main sponsored athelete for the Puma one is a Belgian player named Romelu Lukaku. This cleat retails for $200.

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