Nike Mercurial

The first Mercurial was made in 1998 for the World Cup that summer. Since then there has been about twenty models of the cleat. All mercurials were low cut until the release of the Mercurial Superfly 4 in 2014 which was the first cleat to have a mid-cut collar. Since then the mercurial line has offered a low-cut model and a mid-cut model. The newest cleats from mercurial are the Vapor 12's and the Superfly 6's. The main sponsor for the Mercurial line is Cristiano Ronaldo. Mercurial Vapors retail for $250 and Mercurial Superflys retail for $275.

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Nike Tiempo

The first tiempo was introduced in 1994 at the World Cup in the United States. The tiempo is Nike's only leather cleat right now. It is also the only shoe that doesnt have a mid-cut model. This is the cleats seventh model. The tiempo's main sporsorship is with Sergio Ramos, a defender from spain. The tiempo retails for $230

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Nike Hypervenom

The first Hypervenom was in 2013 and introduced something a cleat had never seen before. It was made from Nike skin which was a honey comb shaped upper that was very grippy. The upper was so nice that after the release of the Hypervenom 2 people complained about them causing Nike to remake them with the old material. In 2017 the newest hypervenom was released. This cleat also offers a low-cut model and a mid-cut model. The main sponsorwed athelete for this cleat is Harry Kane from England and Tottenham

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Nike Phantom Vision

The phantom vision was a new cleat relesed this year. It replaced the Nike magista due to the sales being down. The pahntom vision was Nike's first cleat to have a lace cover. The cleat looks laceless because you tuck the laces into the upper. The phantom vision only has a mid-cut model. The phantom vision's sponsored athelete is Keven DeBruyne from Belgium. The cleat retails for $275.

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