Adidas Predator

The first preadator was released in 1994. Since then there has been eighteen predator models. The newest predator models have a laceless version and a laced version. This cleat is marketed towards players who want control. The predator still has David Beckham sponsor the cleats even know he has been retired for a few years. The predator 18+ retails for $300 while the 18.1 retails for $225.

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Adidas Copa

The copa has been around since 1979. Since then they have been one of the most Iconic cleats you can still buy. Evey copa is made of kangaroo leather and all the older models had a tongue that folded over the top. This year a new laceless copa was released. Some people argued it isn't a real copa but it still retained the leather aspect it has always had. It was the first laceless cleat made from leather.

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Adidas X

The Adidas X was released in 2015 with the X 15.1. This was after Adidas' replacement of all their curent models. The X is now on it's fourth model. This cleat also has a laceless and laced model. This cleat is marketed towards players who want speed. The main sponsor for this cleat is Mohammed Salah from Egypt and Liverpool.

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