monster legends

Welcome to Monster Legends!

A RPG packed action game where the player breeds the most intense monsters to fight along side them in battle. In the game the player has many things to do from breeding, fighting, upgrading, and even challenges that expand on a daily. There are many islands to travel to and many monsters to breed or buy. The game has many things to do to keep the player engaged in it. But some things do require time in the game so be patience. To help guide the player on this journey is a monster by the name of Pandalf.

  Pandalf is the guide to help the player in creating his/her own Monster Legend world. He is also the mascot for Monster Legends. Pandalf himself has his own world that is filled with tons of monsters. Pandalf is a powerful wizard, with many verisons of him in the game that have different elements. Pandalf's elements are nature and magic.


Want to build your own Monster world. Wanna collect and feed monsters to the highest level. Even meet new people and send gifts to friends. Then come and join the Monster Legends community today. The game is free to download and is playable on iOS, android, and even pc.


To Download on android click - Here

To Download on iOS click - Here