Ferrucio Lamborghini


Ferrucio Lamborghini is the founder of Lamborghini. He was born April 28th, 1916 and died February 20, 1993. He already was a wealthy man to start off, but he did suceed to become more wealthy after founding Lamborghini. After World War II, Lamborghini founded a business making tractors from reconfigured surplus military machines, near Bologna, Italy. He later expanded into other ventures, including manufacturing air-conditioning and heating systems, and grew rich. Lamborghini’s success enabled him to purchase a variety of luxury sports cars, including a Ferrari, considered one of the top cars of the time. After experiencing mechanical difficulties with his Ferrari, Lamborghini decided to start his own rival sports car company, even hiring a former top Ferrari engineer. Ferrucio was very successful with the Lamborghini and it is still growing and thriving.


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