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Christmas is right around the corner and you're probably thinking about adopting a cat.

But before you adopt yourself a furry friend you need to ask yourself if a cat is right for you.

While cats make purr-fect pets for some people, they don't for others. Cats are dependent on their owners for all their needs-- food, water, medical attention, exercise, shelter, and, most important- companionship. For many people, the years of unconditional love and devotion they receive from their cats far outweigh the daily responsibilities. But for others, their lifestyles make it impossible.

If you have decided that a cat would fit perfectly into your family, there are still more things to consider...

What type of cat do you want?

Do you want a male or female cat?

Do you have the money for your cats vet costs?

Do you want a long or short-haired cat?

This website will help you decide if youre ready for a cat, if you want a cat, what type of cat you want and what all cats need.

You might be ready for a cat if you....

  • Believe caring for a pet for 15 to 18 years does not seem like a lifetime.
  • Don't mind sharing your house with someone who sheds, tracks kitty litter and throws up hairballs.
  • Don't mind sharing your house with someone who will never clean up after him or herself.
  • Love a housemate who will randomly and regularly entertain you with silly antics.
  • Want to take care of someone every day.
  • Would like to spend your extra money on pet food, toys, veterinary care, kitty litter and more kitty litter.
  • Want to be welcomed with a soft purr of appreciation.
  • Enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship.