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TimeLine for Lemon-Township | Monroe Local Schools

1871 - Building accepted from the contractors for $6,660.

1881 - Lemon Township Board member, Dr. James Macready asked permission: " to use the unoccupied rooms of school house in sub district 10 for high school which, which request was granted so long as it was not needed for the use of said district 10".


1886 - First class graduates from Monroe High School with 5 members:

  • John Macready
  • Ella Cheeseman Vance
  • Elmer R. Lowery
  • Ella Macready Vorhis
  • Edgar Eugene Stewart

1897 - Only year to not have a graduating class. There were to be two graduates. Rose Conover Died and Clarence Warner quit as he did not want to graduate by himself.

1885 - 1905 Teachers; Mr. William Mason, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Hawk, Mr. Smith, Mr. Harry Frost.

1905 - Guy Dennison hired as teacher.


  • J.L. Miller hired to help the one existing high school teacher who was teaching 16 classes per day.
  • The enrollment was 30.
  • His pay would be $900 for a 9 month teaching year.
  • The population of Monroe was 350.

1910 The colors "Blue and Gold" began appearing in the commencement Exercises.


  • The board decided to raise the quality of education by expanding.
  • The existing building was condemned by the state.
  • The board voted to build a new building for $16,000.

1911 - The school had two teachers; Ida Masser (Moser) and J.L. Miller.

1911 - R.E. Morrison was the music supervisor for the rural schools of Wayne, Madison and Lemon Townships for about 10 years. He made a daily trip of 30-35 miles over mud roads by motorcycle.

1911 - 4 years of Latin is required.

1911 - the "Old building" was torn down.


  • Ed Bolendar came as high school teacher in the new building.
  • This building would house the elementary and high school.

1917 - to avoid the spread of smallpox, all pupils were vaccinated.

1918 - Students were furnished with transportation on the district's first "bus" which was a REO Wagon pulled by a team of horses driven by Clem Harkrader.

1918 - All school Prom was held.

1920 - sports competition with other schools began.

1920s - Graduates receive a class "pin" for graduation, which was held in the Methodist Church.

1920s - a small orchestra is part of the music program.

1921 - a cafeteria is opened using the financial backing of the current events club and the willingness of each member to help.

  • Lunch Prices:
  • Glass of milk: (2 Cents)
  • Cocoa: (3 Cents)
  • Sandwich: (3 Cents)
  • Some substantial dish: (4.5 Cents)
  • Fruit: (3 Cents)

1922 - high school employees 4 teachers.

1922 - Dr. S.A. Livingston donates $100 of a total of $300 to start a library.

1922 - A high school seal is developed.

1922 - Monroe high school annual is called the "Mo-Le-To-Hi" which stand for Monroe-Lemon Township High.


  • Existing building is expanded to include a new "auditorium a basketball floor... and an elevated permanent stage"
  • A "Smith-Hughes" agriculture teacher is added to the staff along with a "farm shop"
  • New Cafeteria opened.

1925 -Girls and boys basketball teams are started.

1925 - First School Newspaper ".

1928 - girls basketball team are "County Champs".

1929 - boys basketball team the "Golden Lads" are county champs.

1930 - the school newspaper "The Tattler" is replaced by "The Lemon".

1930 - The school mascot had been an Indian. The student body voted to change to a new mascot "The Golden Hornet".

1932 - The Hornet appears on the class ring for the first time.

1932 - The first letter for cheerleading is awarded to James Stamper.

1934 - The school applied for membership in the North Central Association of Colleges and high Schools.


  • Football is played at Monroe for the first time.
  • Until this time it was too expensive for the school to support.
  • The field was a cow pasture on the Hauser Farm.


  • The high school becomes the high school for all of Lemon Township including: Mayfield, Rolling Mill Park, Amanda and Excello.
  • The faculty increases by 22 teachers.

1937 - "The Rocket" a memographed yearbook is published for this year.

1938 - The cheerleading squad now has three members. Two boys and a girl.

1938 - with the help of many individuals and WPA Projects blue and gold band uniforms were made.

1938 - "The Monocle" the first year book since 1924 is published.


  • The boys basketball team goes 22-4 on the season.
  • They go to the state tournament and win two games.
  • They lose to the team that becomes the state champions.

1942 - The war hit home as "Ray 'Pete' Black was the first Monroe resident to be drafted.

1942 - The Monroe fight song and Alma Mater were written by Charles Benner and Eloise DuChemin Brate. Benner left Monroe that year to join the service.

1941 - The school newspaper "The Mercury" was sent to all alumni in service during the war.

1941 - "Previous resolution for non-employment of married lady teachers" was suspended for the duration of the war.

1946 - The board named C.W. Young as the superintendent of Lemon Township Schools.

1947 - Servicemen were returning. Several would return to high school.

1948 - 10 acres west of the school were purchased from John Zecher for use as an athletic field.


  • A new two-story section was added to the old building.
  • This became the new "front" of the building and is the current main entrance.


  • W.E. Davis was hired as the school principal.
  • He was principal until 1970 when he took a position with the central office.
  • After his death in 1977 a scholarship was established in 1977.

1951 - a third floor was added to the two-story section built in 1948.

1952 - Lemon-Monroe appears for the first time as the school name in the board of education minutes.

1952 - The consolidation of the Middletown and Lemon-Monroe districts is mentioned.

1954 - October 6th, the Lemon Township Board of Education meet for the last time.

1954 - Monroe Elementary is built.

1956 - The mascot changes from the ""Golden Hornet" to the "Fighting Hornet".

1958 - Thespian Troope 1709 is formed.


  • The "Victory Bell" is dedicated. The school bell originally from the 1870 building had transferred to the 1912 building. It was torn down in 1967 and the bell had no home.
  • The parents of Gordon Hughes II, '69 erected the bell structure on the football field as a memorial to him.

1969 - Football team is MML Champs.

1969 - Title IX required all schools to have equal sports opportunities for males and females.

1970 -

  • In October 1970, the band played for the opening game of the World Series at the then brand new River front Stadium in Cincinnati.
  • Football team become MML Champs.

1971 - Football team become MML Champs.

1972 -

  • Football team become MML Champs.
  • In the summer of 1972, the band toured Europe for three weeks, performing in 14 cities in almost as many days


  • The Mens X-Country team wins the MML Title


  • A succession of school levies fail and the school board cancelled all extra-curricular activities.
  • Students walked out of school in protest.
  • Teachers went out on strike for 6 days.

1982 - by 1982 7,450 students have graduated from Monroe. 7,000 of those students were between 1936 and 1982.


  • Communtiy votes to split Monroe High School and Elementary from the Middletown School district. Monroe Local Schools is formed. Arnol Elam becomes the new district's first superintendent.



  • Students begin using digital video equipment to document the history of the Lemon Twp - Monroe Schools


  • Ben Ryan wins Monroe's first state Wrestling title


  • MML All League 1st Team (Girl's Soccer)
    • Bethany Davidson 2003, 2004, 2005
    • Alex Hesson 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


  • The New K - 12 building is completed at the Yankee Road location for Approximately $32 million


  • Football team goes 12 - 2:
    • MML title
    • OHSAA playoff qualifiers
    • Region 16 Championship
    • State Semi-finalists


  • Football - 10-2 record, SWBL Buckeye Division Champions, OHSAA playoff qualifiers
  • Men's JV baseball goes 11-3 (10-0 In SWBL)
  • SWBL All League 1st Team (Girl's Soccer)
    • Kelsy Svenkerud
    • Jessica Swift
    • Kayla Neace


  • The "Hornet Times" Student News paper goes on-line
  • Boys Basketball SWBL Champs 14 -7 (9 - 3 in the league) (2006-2007 season)
  • Tyler Osterman career scoring leader at Monroe with 1,232 points and counting
  • Men's Varsity Soccer 17-1-1 winning the SWBL and go to the district finals
  • Boys Varsity baseball team records 24 wins and 6 losses, (a school record)
    • League Champs
    • Sectional Champs
    • Districts Champs
    • Sweet 16
  • Lady's Softball team wins ?? games, along with winning the ???? League???
  • Girl's Soccer were 16 -0 in regular season with only 3 goals allowed.
    • End of Season = 18- 1 with 10 goals allowed.
    • Undefeated in the SWBL for the 2nd consecutive year.
    • This was the team's fourth consecutive League championship in 4 years.
  • SWBL Player Of the Year (Girl's Soccer) - Britney Beck 2007
  • SWBL All League 1st Team (Girl's Soccer)
    • Britney Beck
    • Maggie Hinkle
    • Lauren Turner
  • Monroe's first Varisty bowling team is formed
  • Football team goes 11 - 3:
    • MML title
    • OHSAA playoff qualifiers
    • Region Championship
    • State Semi-finalists


  • Arnol Elam retires as the district's first superintendent and is replaced by Elizabeth Lolli on January 4th. Bob Leahy is interim Superintendent


SOURCE: 1871 - 1982 is from the 1982 year book supplement written by Irene and Jim Orem